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As an Online Student, It's College Your Way

Online students at Minnesota School of Business enjoy the flexibility of 24/7 access to course material. As Criminal Justice student Lori Miller said about online courses, "I love them. They are convenient because I can sit in my pajamas and do my homework. I can do my homework at three in the morning."

Our distance learners also enjoy the personal attention that has been a hallmark of our college since 1877. Online student services include one-on-one help with financial aid, course registration and job-search processes. Tutoring is free, and instructors are just a phone call or email away.

Profile of the online student

Online students at Minnesota School of Business share a commitment to career education. They are well-organized and self-motivated. Beyond that, they are a diverse group. A single class may include active military personnel, working parents and recent high school grads. A group project may bring students from three states together in the virtual classroom. An Internet-based college truly becomes a community—it is common for our students to travel great distances to attend graduation and meet their classmates face-to-face.

Advantages of distance learning

While earning their degrees, students enjoy the following features of distance learning at Minnesota School of Business:

  • More than 30 online degree programs
  • Exams and assignments submitted online
  • Interacting with faculty and classmates via IM, email and phone
  • Chatting live with a librarian, who assists in searches for e-books, databases and reference materials
  • Free online tutors
  • 7-day-a-week live tech support

Is online for you?

It is our goal to help you succeed. Before you make a decision about registering in an online program, we invite you to contact online admissions to discuss any concerns and learn about career options in your field of interest.