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How to evaluate an online college’s accreditation

It is very important that an online college or university’s accreditation is issued by an organization listed by the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) as an authority on higher education. Only a few institutional accreditors, including ACICS, are recognized by both CHEA and DOE. There is some confusion about the differences and similarities between regional and national accreditation. The Department of Education makes it clear that neither is better than the other. Minnesota School of Business & Globe University chose national accreditation because it most closely aligns with our goal of career preparation. National accreditation is recognized by various organizations and means students in our online programs are eligible for financial aid if they qualify. Employers often consider accreditation when hiring or issuing tuition reimbursement. Accreditation can also be helpful when transferring academic credits to another institution, although the receiving institution will make the final decision on what credits to accept, and that decision may not be based on accreditation.

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Note from the Department of Education: Accreditation does not provide automatic acceptance by an institution of credit earned at another institution, nor does it give assurance of acceptance of graduates by employers. Students should contact the receiving institution to help determine whether credits are transferrable. Acceptance of credit or graduates is always the prerogative of the receiving institution or employer. For these reasons, besides ascertaining the accredited status of an institution or program, students should take additional measures to determine, prior to enrollment, whether their educational goals will be met through attendance at a particular institution. Those measures should include inquiries to institutions to which transfer might be desired or to prospective employers, as well as any private or governmental entity responsible for licensing or certifying graduates to work in the field for which the educational program is intended.

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