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Technology & Computing

Technology programs at Minnesota School of Business provide practical training in employer-requested skills. Technology and computing classes are never taught in large lecture halls—students work closely with instructors who have industry experience. 

Technology degree programs

Game and Application Development
Prepare to create alternate universes as a game developer or designer. Our bachelor's program includes web development and design, animation and illustration. Career opportunities include computer programming, game development and design, project management and software development. Offered at our Richfield, MN, campus.

Information Technology (IT)
Swipe a credit card, talk on a cell phone or wait for a traffic light to turn green, and you've interacted with a computer. We all rely on skilled IT professionals to support everyday activities. The flip side? The information technology job market is growing rapidly. Master's, bachelor's and associate degree programs prepare students for this dynamic career field.

Mobile Application Development
Employers like computer systems design companies, electronic manufacturers and software publishers are looking for creative mobile application developers. Get the skills you need! Earn an associate degree or certificate in mobile application development. 

Software Application Development
Software developer. Programmer. Software applications analyst. As a Minnesota School of Business graduate, one of these job titles could be yours! That’s because our hands-on software application development training will give you the practical skills you need to create powerful software applications development solutions—and launch a career in a fast-growing field.

More about our technology education and our college

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