Certificates: IT, Accounting, Business and Paralegal

Certificates: IT, Accounting, Business and More

A professional certificate program offers focused training in a certain skill set. The program may be a few hours or a few months long, and the certificate verifies the holder has current, employable skills.

9-month certificate programs

At Minnesota School of Business, you can learn the latest skills and trends quickly in the following certificate programs. Study full time and graduate in just 9 months!

Courses that map to certification exams

The following college programs prepare students for industry certification exams. We welcome single-subject registrations from professionals seeking to upgrade their credentials. You may also be eligible for course credit for current IT certifications. (Please speak with your campus dean of students about applying for that credit.)

Business and technology certificates

Benchmark Learning , a fellow member of Globe Education Network, provides business and technology training. Certificate programs at Benchmark range in length from a few hours to a few weeks.

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