Digital Marketing Badges

Thrive in today’s complex digital landscape through our Internet marketing program. Learn the variety of skills agencies look for while earning six badges in the following areas:


Analytics Dashboard Manager. Prove you understand how to read and interpret data across all digital channels to provide strategic insight.

  • Understand site metrics using analytics software
  • Measure user behavior and provide recommendations for improvement
  • Focus on which quantitative data is relevant for optimal user experience


Digital Marketing Leader. Develop solid marketing plans from start to finish while inspiring your co-workers to perform at their highest levels.

  • Dive into research to discover how consumers think
  • Understand the 4 P’s: product, price, place and promotion
  • Create actionable marketing strategies for every aspect of a campaign


Social Media ROI Pro Evaluator. Understand how to plan, manage and measure successful social media campaigns on major social networks.

  • Gauge performance of social media campaigns
  • Find ways to increase ROI through digital tools
  • Apply performance-enhancing solutions to increase sales


SEO Master Planner. You can identify ways to optimize imagery, websites and all forms of content for increased searchability through sound SEO strategies.

  • Develop organic search campaigns
  • Create SEO plans for websites
  • Increase key performance indicators through optimal SEO


Expert Digital Marketing Performance Driver. Implement the latest trends and online tools to create relevant content that reaches its target audience effectively.

  • Create relevant content plans that connect marketing and sales goals
  • Apply the latest marketing techniques and trends
  • Take a theoretical approach to online product promotion


Conversion Rate Guru. Proficient at increasing conversion rates through strong calls to action, testing, landing page creation and other measurable ROI strategies.

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