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College Admissions — International Students

College is a great opportunity to step not only onto a new campus but a new country. At Minnesota School of Business & Globe University, we welcome international students at the graduate or undergraduate level and have a team that is dedicated to helping you through the process of applying and enrolling at our school. We can help you juggle your to-do list of submitting paperwork, sorting through student visa red tape, figuring out your transportation options and more. We aim to make the process of attending Minnesota School of Business & Globe University and adapting to life in a brand-new city as easy and welcoming as possible. Our admissions staff can assist with:
  • Finding a degree program that supports your goals
  • Registering you for the classes you need
  • Filling out applications, I-20 forms and any additional documentation needed
  • Getting your student visa
  • Orienting you to the campus and local community
  • Putting you in touch with support and resources that can help smooth your transition
You don’t have to navigate this process alone. We’re here to be your guide and advocate.

Admissions requirements

It should be noted that the requirements needed for international student admission to Minnesota School of Business & Globe University vary by program, but you must be able to demonstrate proficiency in English for all of them. If you’re looking into our graduate programs, you’ll need to provide official transcripts for any undergraduate classwork, professional resume and letters of recommendation.

Ready to get started?

If you have questions or concerns, aren’t sure what you need to start the process, or even what you should study once you apply, your best course of action is to contact us today. Call 612-455-3000 to speak with an admissions representative who can address your questions and help clarify your next steps.

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