Graduate Admissions

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College Admissions — Graduate Students

At Minnesota School of Business & Globe University, we offer a wide variety of graduate degree programs that can help you take your career to the next level. If you’re looking to grow your skills or pursue leadership and management positions, now is the time to contact our staff about graduate school admissions.

What will you need?

To enroll, you should have:
  • A current professional resume
  • Two professional letters of recommendation
Depending on your program, additional documents may be necessary. A meeting with one of our admissions representatives can help you clarify all that is required for your particular degree.

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Ready to get started?

A graduate degree program from Minnesota School of Business & Globe University can get you the practical, hands-on training and experience you need to advance your career and take advantage of all the opportunities out there. Contact us today or call 1-877-655-7676 to set up a career planning meeting.

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