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Tuition and Fees at Minnesota School of Business

Shedding light on the cost of college

Our financial aid staff is trained to help you evaluate the costs of college and come up with a workable game plan to level the educational playing field.

What are the tuition rates?

Rates at Minnesota School of Business & Globe University vary depending on a few different factors — namely, what your program is, how many credits you are taking, and whether you’re a U.S. student or an international student. For U.S. students in all undergraduate courses, the general costs break down is as follows:
  • If you’re taking 11 credits or less, tuition averages $460 per credit hour.
  • If you’re taking 12-13 credits, tuition averages $390 per credit hour.
  • If you’re taking 14 credits or more, tuition averages $325 per credit hour.
  • Nursing tuition is $550 per credit hour.
Course fees depend on labs, books, etc., and range somewhere between $100 and $650 per course. There are no application fees except for our nursing program, which requires a $100 fee at the time you apply. If you’re an international student, the rate is $560 per quarter-hour credit for undergraduate programs and $595 per quarter-hour credit for graduate programs. Are you a consummate multitasker, great at handling a full schedule? You can save even more and complete your degree even faster. Minnesota School of Business & Globe University cap our tuition at 16 credits per quarter for most undergraduate programs. That means if you take more than 16 credits per quarter — you don’t pay for them.

Six ways we’re fighting the national rise in tuition:

  • Tuition reductions — Full-time students, which means taking 14 or more credits, are eligible for a nearly a 30-percent* reduction in their tuition costs.
  • Reduced textbook costs — We have a school-wide goal of keeping book and lab fees at $100 or less.$.
  • Scholarships — Our scholarship options result in millions of dollars in student awards every year.
  • Transfer credits* — We aim to make our credit transfer process easy and painless, so you don’t have to waste time and money on redundant coursework.
  • Work experience credit — We recognize that your professional experience matters in the classroom, so we offer a pathway to apply your eligible on-the-job skills to relevant coursework, shortening your time to graduation.
  • Accelerated programs — Get in, get your degree and get out into the workforce. We’ve designed our degree programs to be effective and efficient, with the goal of helping you graduate in as short a time as possible.

Ready to get started?

Student success is our passion, and the trained admissions staff at Minnesota School of Business & Globe University is here to help you. Contact us today or call 1-877-655-7676 to set up a planning meeting and get a jump on your bright, new future. *Credit transfer is always at the discretion of the receiving institution. For more information about transfer credit eligibility, please visit: *Savings reflect a comparison of per-credit tuition rate for students taking 14 or more credits per quarter to the per-credit rate for students taking 11 credits or less.

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