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Minnesota School of Business Thanks Area Volunteers With Ice Cream Social

The Minnesota School of Business in Moorhead thanked volunteers while helping support many valued community partners in the area. FirstLink and Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks teamed up for a ‘Community Volunteer Appreciation Night’ at Newman Outdoor Field. The campus sponsored an ice cream social with Robert Gibb & Sons Inc. from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. before the FM RedHawks/Wichita Wingnuts game
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Welcome to the Jungle-VTs Plan Trip to Thailand

Deep in the rain forest of Northern Thailand, “set in a natural valley, bordered by a river, and surrounded by forested mountains” is an elephant rescue and rehabilitation center that “offers a timeless glimpse of rural life.”  Elephant Nature Park, set in Chiang Mai province, provides a sanctuary for elderly, disabled and distressed elephants from all
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Building Hope, Building Homes

When the call came out from Shakopee Chamber of Commerce President Angie Whitcomb, that Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity volunteers were deperately needed, Admissions Representative Samantha Kottke and Registrar Andrea Glynn didn’t hesitate to offer their time and energy. Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity’s mission is to “eliminate poverty housing from the Twin Cities and
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