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Restored Apollo Test Capsule to Land at Science Center Science Friday at MSB-Rochester

A dummy capsule that NASA used in the lead up to the Apollo moon landings has been restored to its former glory to inspire a new generation of space explorers at a California learning center. The red-and-white painted capsule, known as “Boilerplate 19A” (BP-19A), was built in the early 1960s by the same aerospace company
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Amy Doherty and Nicole Dean conduct a Surgical Hand Scrub at Minnesota School of Business Rochester

Amy Doherty Veterinarian Technology Program Chair for Minnesota School of Business Rochester Campus and Nicole Dean who is currently a student at MSB-Rochester conduct a surgical hand scrub. The very informative video walks the viewer through the process of preping for an animal surgery.

Week 4 Library Week @ MSB-Rochester

Week 4 @ MSB-Rochester is Library Week. Minnesota School of Buisness Rochester weekly update summary. Samantha Duke hosts an informational breakdown of the upcoming week 4 events on campus. Week 4 is library week and MSB-Rochester will be hosting workshops in room 107. Librarian Carol Roos talks about a research paper contest. Amy Doherty Veterinarian
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