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Overcoming Failure – Making it Personal – Part 2

By Craig Wilson This post will examine overcoming the second type of failure – when decisions we make lead to our inability to achieve our goal. This is the most difficult to deal with and overcome for us because it was an avoidable situation and it’s our fault for failing. Let me give a personal
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Overcoming Failure – Making it Personal

By: Craig Wilson My last post described how Winston Churchill and the British came back from the overwhelming defeat at Dunkirk and against formidable odds, held off the Nazis in the Battle of Britain. While an inspiring story, hopefully it’s not a reality that most of us will have to face. I’d like to make it personal. Personal
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Competence, Courage, Passion & Perseverance

Not Necessarily in that Order By: Craig Wilson I believe that competence, courage, passion and perseverance are the attributes that allow us to succeed and reach our goals. This quarter I am going to writing weekly blogs that address various aspects to each of these. Last week I posted about the struggles of Research In
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