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Matt Vitek Interview conducted Jan. 11, 2012

Interview conducted with Matt Vitek of Minnesota School of Business Rochester on Jan. 11th 2012. Discussion focused on his submission and acceptance to the Society of Applied Anthropology annual competition for 2012. The Society of Applied Anthropology Sheraton Baltimore City Center Hotel 72nd Annual Meeting March 27-31, 2012 This meeting invites advocates, activists, policy makers,
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Week 4 Library Week @ MSB-Rochester

Week 4 @ MSB-Rochester is Library Week. Minnesota School of Buisness Rochester weekly update summary. Samantha Duke hosts an informational breakdown of the upcoming week 4 events on campus. Week 4 is library week and MSB-Rochester will be hosting workshops in room 107. Librarian Carol Roos talks about a research paper contest. Amy Doherty Veterinarian
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