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Interviewing 101: Be Prepared With This 6 Item Checklist

In our previous installments of Interviewing 101, we talked about how to answer specific questions that will probably arise in one form or another in your interview. But before you’re on the proverbial ‘hot seat’, Director of Career Services Stacey Schmitt would like to remind you to check off these six tasks on your to-do
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Stump the Interviewer

This week on campus I hosted a game show called, “Stump the Interviewer.” There were three levels of interview questions. The first level had ‘basic’ questions, the second had ‘trap’ questions, and the third level consisted of ‘stress’ questions . Brave contestants took their shot at a random question from each level  in hopes of
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The Skinny on Informational Interviews

Informational interviews are often an underutilized tool when it comes to career searching. One possible reason as to why this is could be that not many people know what an informational interview really is and how job seekers can benefit from it. What is an informational interview? An informational interview can be described as finding
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