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Life without Limits – Collateral Benefits

By Craig Wilson col·lat·er·al  /kəˈlætərəl/ Show Spelled[kuh–lat-er-uhl] – accompanying or parallel When you hear the word collateral you don’t think of benefits accompanying it do you? But I realized today that is exactly what’s happening with our Life without Limits group. Unexpected benefits are springing up everywhere. One day while riding my bike to school
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Life Without Limits – Craig Wilson’s True Confessions

Craig Wilson, Accounting Chair and roving reporter back from Seoul, South Korea, but still not fully recovered.  I know, I know, you’re happy for me, but you want the true confessions. Ok, it’s been a tough couple of weeks for my plan. That being said, this trip represents a lot of what I’m talking about with
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Life without Limits – Week 1

We’re off and running – some of us literally, some of us figuratively. We met Tuesday morning and shared what “Life without Limits” looks like for each of us. Craig Wilson interviewed Lu Herbeck to offer us aid how to begin living healthier.  Lu currently teaches in the Medical Assisting program, but has spent several
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