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Globe Education Network Trainer Delivers Personal Commencement Address

Crista Spinks is a corporate trainer and Network Director of Admissions Operations for Globe Education Network. But when addressing the Early Fall graduating class at the St. Cloud campus last week, she came on a personal mission. Spinks’s message to all the graduates that night was to reflect on their individual story and use it as motivation for their future.
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Keynote Graduation Speaker-Marty Sackett: Alumni Action Hero

GU/MSB Director of Career Services and Alumni Action Hero, Marty Sackett, traveled all the way to MSB-Shakopee campus on a Friday night, just to share his words of wisdom for new graduates. His speech, quirky and funny, elicited many laughs from the audience, especially this one by Gary Trudeau, cartoonist:  “Commencement speeches were invented largely in
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Graduation Speaker-Jennifer Lowe, A.A.S. Veterinary Technology

Here is Jennifer Lowe’s graduation speech…in her own words! Graduate Speaker-Jennifer Lowe, A.A.S. Veterinary Technology Sound bite: “In Parasitology and Hematology with Alesha (Schutz, VT instructor), I learned that while sometimes gross, finding that parasite egg in a dog’s fecal sample can be so exciting when you know what you are looking at…”  

Graduation Speaker Martha Hetzel- A.A.S. Management Accounting

Graduation speaker Martha Hetzel overcame many obstacles to earn her A.A.S. degree in Management Accounting. This mother of three went back to school so she could help contribute financially to the family. She credits her best friend and husband, Joel, as being her largest supporter. After many moves to follow her husband’s career, she enrolled
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