Things About Nursing You Probably Didn’t Know

Posted by on December 8, 2016

Nursing dates back to the mid-19th century and the professional history began with Florence Nightingale. She was the daughter of wealthy British parents and eventually defied society and decided to become a nurse.

According to, Nightingale began her career during the Crimean War by tending to injured soldiers on the battlefield. She eventually opened the first nursing school in London, which is known at the Florence Nightingale School for Nurses, helping pave the way for more schools for nursing.

Another well-known name in nursing ispretty medical nurse and colleagues in hospital Clarissa Harlowe Barton. She was a nurse who founded the American Red Cross soon after the civil War and created a number of nursing schools throughout the U.S. and Japan.

Here are some other fun facts you might not have known about nursing:

  • Only three out of five nurses work in hospitals. Nurses also work in schools, correctional facilities, private companies, home health, nursing homes, government agencies, social assistance agencies, and research labs.
  • One out of every four registered nurses works part time.
  • According to a Robert Wood Johnson/Gallup survey, four out of five opinion leaders say there is a nursing shortage in the United States. University faculty members are significantly more likely to say there is a nursing shortage than corporate executives, significantly fewer of whom are likely to see a shortage.
  • The nurse cap is patterned after a nun’s habit to keep the hair neatly in place. Although this clothing item has long been phased out as it is known to carry pathogens, some countries still use this as part of the female nurses’ outfit.
  • Lucretia Lester was a well-known nurse and midwife who attended to 1,300 deliveries, with only 2 ending up unsuccessful.


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