Staff, Faculty Show Appreciation During ‘The Great MSB Get-Together’

Posted by on August 30, 2016

“This was the best student appreciation yet,” said one of the nursing students in response to this Balloon Popquarter’s Student Appreciation.

Each quarter every campus hosts a student appreciation to illustrate how much the staff and faculty care and appreciate each and every student. This quarter, in honor The Minnesota State Fair, the Richfield campus decided to host a state fair themed Student Appreciation called The Great MSB Get-Together.

“We planned the event to be the two days before the Minnesota State Fair began in hopes of getting our students excited for the fair or even a little taste of the fair if they were not intending on going this year,” said Campus Event Coordinator, Taylor Smith.

The day was full of state fair-themed food, including fried pickles, which Campus Director, Miriam Williams, fried up.

“Miriam was our back-of-the-house master chef of the day,” Taylor said.

There was also a popcorn machine; a chocolate fountain with licorice; marshmallows and pretzels for dipping, pickles, which were a hit with the nursing students; and two fair-themed games.

  • Game 1: “Balloon Pop” 100 balloons were placed on a board, and students were given a dart to popJessica Artmann Subway Gift Card the balloon of their choice. Behind their balloon was a colored sticker that corresponded with various prizes. For this game, we gave away prizes like an MSB Pad folio to help keep them organized and professional, some Chili’s gift cards, VIP campus parking passes, MSB apparel, and other MSB gear.
  • Game 2: “Prize Punch”. I took 100 cups and filled half with candy and half with prizes. I then covered each cup with tissue paper and secured the cup to a large poster board. Three poster boards spelled out “MSB”. Each student got to pick one cup to “punch” or lightly poke and win the prize inside! The prizes included two pairs of Minnesota State Fair tickets each with their own Blue Ribbon Bargain Book, Subway and Starbucks gift cards, Mary Kay samples, giant bouncy balls, silly putty, playing cards, and much more!

Cups MSBAccording to Taylor and the students, this event was a great success, and she received a lot of great feedback from staff, faculty and students.

Rosie Valedez was also very excited that she won a pair of tickets to the fair when she didn’t even think she would make it this year.

Aside from the delicious treats, fun games and reminding everyone to attend the fair, this was a great event to showcase to our students how much we do appreciate them and how we want them to feel special. “Thank you to everyone who participated and helped with this event,” Taylor said.

We are all looking forward to what Taylor has up her sleeve for next quarter’s Student Appreciation!

Post written by Brooke Tervola, community manager. 

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