MSB – Rochester Student Makes Impact with Service Learning Project

Posted by on July 26, 2016

Service learning projects can be difficult to implement when the project is part of an online class. The
project is often a one-person project and it’s sometimes hard to see the impact of one’s work. However, one 13254858_1339447116081735_5895944303757430623_ostudent at Minnesota School of Business (MSB) -Rochester did see an immediate impact with her service learning project.

“I really had no idea how I could serve my community through just a few hours of work. And I really wanted to do something meaningful to both me and the community,” said Maria Scott of MSB – Rochester. “I’m a vet tech student, so I also wanted to include animals in the community I served.”

After considering several options, including various volunteer positions, Maria decided to host a fundraiser for Paws and Claws Humane Society in Rochester, Minnesota. 

“Helping abandoned animals is important to me and Paws and Claws does a great job of rehoming animals and supporting rescue efforts. I thought if I could raise some money for the shelter, that would be a good thing,” Maria said.

But how to do it?  Students don’t have a lot of money to spare, so Maria knew she had to do something interesting in her effort. She talked about her project with her composition instructor, Carol Berteotti.

“I asked Carol if she could help me get an email to everyone on campus; I’d seen many of these before. She agreed. She also said that she would be willing to match the donations up to $25. That is, if the effort raised $25, she would match that. Seeing her generosity inspired me so I promised to match the same amount,” Maria said.

Coins in glass money jar with donations label, financial concept. Vintage wooden background with dramatic light.That incentive was highlighted in the fundraising email, and people really responded. Jars were placed on the front desk and in the library for people to drop in their change. But one student went further. To ensure the matching funds would be donated, Ronda Miner, an accounting student, donated $25 to the fundraising campaign.

“I thought Maria was so smart to send out that email and then to talk about how Carol inspired her for the matching funds—well, that was really a good persuasive tactic for me.  Carol has also inspired me so this was a good way to support Maria, Carol, and Paws and Claws,” Ronda shared.

By the end of the week-long campaign, Maria raised $120.00 for Paws and Claws. It turns out that one person can make a difference, especially if others are inspired to help. That’s the impact of service learning projects and MSB-Rochester students.

Post written by Carol Berteotti, an instructor at Minnesota School of Business – Rochester.

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