Navy Veteran Furthers Career with MN School of Business IT Degrees

Posted by on May 24, 2016

After spending eight years working on computer systems that can shoot cruise missiles
from Navy ships, Josh McGowan departed from the Navy to pursue a career in Information Technology.

However, Josh said he did not have a degree. McGowan1So he was wondering with all of his experience and knowledge what the next steps would be.

“In today’s market, experience only gets you so far,” Josh said.

That’s when Josh said he discovered Minnesota School of Business – Rochester, which he said gave him the opportunity to get the degree he needed to further his career. Josh enrolled in the associate degree program for IT in 2011.

“MSB was exceptional in accepting a lot of my military experience and classes for college credits. This allowed me to get my degrees sooner and save money. They also were great with the financial side of things, understanding the GI Bill benefits and how to best use them. I would consider MSB a very military-friendly college,” Josh said.

Josh said the classes were taught by professionals who are knowledgeable about today’s technology.

In September of 2011, Josh graduated with his associate’s degree. Soon after, he was hired at Mayo Clinic for an entry-level IT position.

“It was a dream job and what I had gone to school for. Soon after starting at Mayo in 2012 I 2014092995183137realized that if I wanted to move up in my career, I would need a BS,” Josh said.

So, he came back to MSB and received a bachelor’s degree by September 2013.

“MSB will give you the tools you need to find a job, apply for it, prep for the interview…etc. Getting the job is still 100 percent on you, though.  If you want something, you have to work for it.  You will not be handed a great job.  Completing the degree program does not guarantee a job.

After a few interviews and being persistent, Josh said he was finally promoted to an analyst/programmer in July of 2014.

“This was a huge raise for me. I would not have been qualified for the position without the BS degree,” Josh said.

Josh said he is thankful for MSB and all the staff there that were part of getting him to where he is today.

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