Vet Tech Graduate Finds Dream Job in Lone Star State

Posted by on May 17, 2016

Samantha Peterson walked across the graduation stage on Oct. 1, 2015. Two days later, she embarked on a two-day road trip that ended in Live Oaks, Texas, – 1,200 miles from campus and her longtime home. Texas was not a random destination. Samantha’s husband, who is a firefighter, moved down to Texas while Sam was in school in spring of 2014, three months after she started the program.

6Samantha is a graduate of the Veterinary Technology program here at the Eau Claire campus. She transferred to Globe after three years at a public university. She fell in love with the vet tech program and quickly became a well-known student on campus. Samantha was a student worker at the front desk and also helped out staff members within the department.

As the end to her program neared, Sam really began to shine. She landed an externship at a clinic in Chippewa Falls and was the first student to be accepted at this clinic. She excelled at her externship and began to lay the foundation for her future career.

While working on externship, Sam applied for jobs in the San Antonio area. She sent out resumes, completed online applications and contacted clinics she was interesting in working at. It did not take long, two hours in fact, before Sam was landing phone interviews. At graduation, she already had two in-person interviews scheduled in Texas the day she arrived.  Sam was hired shortly after at Alamo Hills Animal Hospital in San Antonio.

Samantha Peterson

Samantha in her new role as a Veterinary Technician (Photo courtesy of Alamo Hills Animal Hospital)

When you ask Sam what she likes best about her job, she has a lot to share. She enjoys working closely with clients, specifically in regards to providing the education and information they need. She also really enjoys helping out in surgery. “Everyone knows at work my favorite things to do are surgery,

“Everyone knows at work my favorite things to do are surgery, dentals and emergencies. I am always the first to jump at an emergency that comes in or anything involving quick thinking.” Sam said.

Sam credits her education as a big part of her success.  She said it gives her confidence when talking to clients and has helped create trust between her and the veterinarians she works with.  Sam sais it provides a boost of confidence.

One specific accomplishment that Sam is most proud of was helping with a C-section after being on the job only a few months.  She helped with a C-section on her externship, so she was able to take that experience and provide first-hand knowledge to the team about the procedure.

“I don’t think I could have had a better education or experience for school. I loved the staff I worked with as a student worker at the front desk and in the Vet Tech department. It wasn’t just a degree I was obtaining, but also, a lot of good life experiences that I use day to day.  Choosing this degree was the best thing I ever did,” Sam said.

Post written by Samuel Fisher, director of career services. 

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