MSB Lakeville Opens its Doors to New Charter School

Posted by on May 10, 2016

mncapsRecently, the city of Lakeville approved new zoning for the MSB Lakeville campus to undergo construction to allow space for a new career-focused charter school.  The charter school, Minnesota Center for Advanced Professional Studies (MNCAPS), attracts high-school aged students from Lakeville, Prior Lake, and Savage.  Students enrolled in the school will be immersed in work settings related to two specific fields: global business or health and medicine.

Just like Minnesota School of Business, MNCAPS uses project-based learning and works with business partners to develop course work for their students.  They also work with community partners to form relationships that lead to internships, much like MSB does with its own community partners.  The similarities between the high school and the college make for a great partnership in terms of location, with the possibility of some of MNCAPS’ graduating seniors potentially going on to enroll at MSB in the business or health care related programs.

Jennifer Pullin, MSB-Lakeville’s campus director, said, “This is a great opportunity for two different schools with very similar educational philosophies to work together in a shared space.  We’re excited about the possibilities that sharing space with a charter school can bring our campus.”

Construction is set to begin in the coming weeks, with the charter school officially opening its doors to students this fall.  Great changes are coming to the Lakeville campus, but with those changes comes the potential for great possibility and adventure.

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