Information Technology Students Dive Hands First into Computer Essentials Class

Posted by on December 7, 2015

These are the types of hands-on lessons that students need. All of the students in the computer essentials class at Minnesota School of Business-Blaine took part in disassembling a PC and documenting it with photos and step-by-step instructions to put it back together. Afterwards, the students verified that it worked and made sure they didn’t have any leftover screws. For most of the students, this was their first hands-on experience working on the inside of a PC.


Information Technology program students Charles Gray, George Barry, Nicholas Draeger, Cooper Grupee, and John Hentges in their Computer Essentials class.

Information technology program Instructor Tony Fitzgerald believes these types of demonstrations and  hands-on labs are really beneficial to the students.

“I liked how each member of the group participated in both disassembling and assembling the computer components,” said IT student, Cooper Grupee. “I also like how the instructor was there to answer any questions we had. He was knowledgeable and encouraging of us, making sure that everyone was learning.”
“I think this project was very useful for all the students, and me especially,” said John Hentges, information technology program student. “I’m a hands-on kind of guy and this was a great way to learn. I usually notice details that others may not catch, and my thought process is very mechanical. I have never torn down a computer before and to see it up and running afterward made me feel great.”

Information technology program student Charles Gray said, “The hands-on project was very important to me with respect to the career I am pursuing. I highly recommend that this practice continue. It will help students easily pick up on their practical work while preparing for the job market. I want to extend my sincere thanks to our dearest instructor for letting us undertake this project.”

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