Community Service Day 2015: A Memorable Day of Giving Back

Posted by on July 14, 2015

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Attendees listen attentively to Jennifer Youngs in the Business of Massage session

One thing is certain about staff and faculty at Minnesota School of Business-Elk River; they like to do what they can to help the local community and its members. This year’s Community Service Day provided yet another opportunity for staff and faculty to do just that in a variety of ways both on and off campus.

A group of faculty led program-specific trainings which were open to students, alumni, and community members. Sessions offered included Business of Massage, Medical Coding Bootcamp: ICD-10, Veterinary Technology wet lab, and a Job Screening Seminar. The trainings were offered both in the morning and afternoon and included a complimentary lunch for attendees.

There was a good turnout for the sessions. The majority of attendees were alumni looking to refresh their skills and learn some new things. According to survey results, the attendees really appreciated the training opportunity and the information they learned from instructors.

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Staff and faculty pose with donations with Marilyn and Cheryl at Open Doors for Youth

That same day, a group of staff and faculty members volunteered their time at Open Doors for Youth, a new local homeless youth resource center. The group began by learning about the organization and the population that they work with. The presentation and tour, given by treasurer Marilyn Olson and president Cheryl Wold, opened the eyes of the MSB volunteers about the homeless issues in the local community and the wide range of needs of Open Doors’ clients.

The mission of the day for that group was to “fill gaps”. First, a bike rack was built which was donated by the MSB-Elk River campus, and then the group set out to identify areas where help is needed at Open Doors. Groups went out into the community to pick up needed items such as personal hygiene supplies, clothing, office supplies, etc.

Next on the agenda was to identify “holes” in resource areas such as transportation, housing, education, etc. and the group brainstormed ideas that Olson and Wold can pursue to fill those gaps. Both were amazed by the gaps that were identified that they hadn’t realized and plan to look into the options MSB staff members came up with.

Staff and faculty who participated in the project at Open Doors felt that the experience was very worthwhile. Comments ranged from “Finding an organization that really appreciates what we are doing is very rewarding for all” to “I loved what we did there because I felt like even though we did not have a ton of money [to donate], we still were able to contribute to their cause.”

Overall, Community Service Day 2015 was a huge success for all who were involved in the range of activities that were done that day. Stay tuned to the MSB-Elk River blog page to read about other ways that the staff, faculty, and students give back to the local community.


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