GU/MSB Program Chair Serves State Organization as Vice President

Posted by on June 3, 2015

Sarah Lemm B.S. CVT is one busy woman. Not only is she the veterinary technology program chair for Globe University & Minnesota School of Business-Blaine campus (and executive program chair overseeing the Minnesota-North region of GU/MSB veterinary technology programs), she also serves as Vice-President for the Minnesota Association of Veterinary Technicians (MAVT).


Sarah Lemm, veterinary technology program chair at GU/MSB-Blaine

Sarah has been a member of MAVT since 2000, and desired to take a more active role in supporting the state veterinary technician organization at the February 2014 MAVT meeting. Upon learning that MAVT was in need of someone to fulfill the role of vice-president, Sarah expressed high interest in getting involved, and was voted into the position at the March meeting.

Sarah said, “It is important to me to have this active role in Minnesota’s state organization for my profession for many reasons. First and foremost, I am dedicated to the support and recognition of veterinary technicians for their important role in the veterinary field. Second, I am dedicated to supporting the profession as a whole, especially in the state of Minnesota. Veterinary Technicians are the heart of veterinary medicine. If we are interested in greater recognition and support for our profession, we have to ensure that we advocate for ourselves.”

She continued, “One of the most important things that we are trying to do in the state of Minnesota is gain inclusion in the Practice Act, which is the law that specifically describes how the state will practice veterinary medicine (if you are interested in learning more about this topic, please visit the MAVT website at Third, and certainly not least, I want to set a good example for current students in the veterinary technology program. My hope for them is to not only do what is minimally necessary to obtain their degree and begin their career. I want to inspire interest and desire in becoming involved further in the veterinary profession, whether it be advancing themselves with further education such as earning a veterinary technician specialist level of certification, or becoming otherwise actively involved in something that is important to them in the veterinary field.”

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