Medical Assisting Students Educate the Oak Ridge Boys and Girls

Posted by on May 14, 2015

Medical Assisting students from the Minnesota School of Business-St. Cloud campus recently visited the Oak Ridge Elementary School in Sartell, Minnesota.

Medical assisting students at Oak Ridge Elementary School

Medical assisting students at Oak Ridge Elementary School

Bringing with them the knowledge of germs, heart rate, nutrition, and fitness, the students along with their instructor Lisa Smith, medical assisting program chair, met with the fourth grade class. They set up stations for the different topics and had activities for each one. They also included informational handouts that the children could bring back home to their families.

One of the more popular stations showed how easily germs can transfer from person to person. The MA students brought along a germ kit that used glitter for this depiction. The children witnessed the glitter particles get passed around to their friends.

Another station “was teaching the kids how to take their pulse and then showing them the rate increase after having them do jumping jacks, sit-ups, or push-ups for one minute. After they were done taking their pulses following the exercise, we talked about why the heart needs to beat faster,” said medical assisting student, Jacyln Sarff.

When it came to washing hands, medical assisting students Chris Bostick and Tahnee Roers brought along a black light and Glo-Germ. “After the lotion was all over their hands we instructed them to come over to the black light to see their hands glow before washing them to have a basis of comparison for their freshly washed hands. Upon returning to our station the children had their hands examined with the blacklight and they saw how well they did washing their hands,” said Bostick. “Most of the kids still had germs around their nails since that was one of the most frequently missed areas from our facts,” added Roers. The children were also quizzed on the information that they were learning.

The fourth station educated students on fitness and nutrition. The children talked about what exercises they did and their eating habits. They also got information that they could bring home to their families to assist in creating a healthier household.

The medical assisting students got to utilize their pediatric skills while interacting with the children. “The fourth graders had just learned about communicable diseases in class and my Microbiology and Urinalysis class also just covered that topic.  So the timing of the project worked out great,” said Smith.

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