All Rise: MSB-Richfield Paralegal Students Showcase Their Skills

Posted by on April 16, 2015

paralegal program

Danielle Skluzacek and Francisco Moran providing their opening statements

Written by Barb Leiran, J.D., Minnesota School of Business Paralegal Program Chair

Minnesota School of Business (MSB) paralegal program students Danielle Skluzacek and Francisco Moran participated in a mock trial exercise held at Hamline School of Law. This was a final project presentation for Alternative Dispute Resolution (a required class for the Bachelor of Science in Paralegal program).

paralegal program

Danielle Skluzacek demonstrating her litigation skills

Students were required to demonstrate various litigation skills such as preparation of pleadings, witness preparation, exhibit preparation, the ability to conduct complex legal research, as well as a solid understanding of the Rules of Civil Procedure and Rules of Evidence. Accordingly, students conducted opening statements, direct examination, redirect, cross-examination, recross and closing arguments.

“It was intimidating, and I was very nervous, but I learned a lot,” Danielle shared during post-trial review,

Although more than 90 percent of cases settle prior to trial via various alternative dispute mechanisms, the mock trial exercise drives home the practical reality of taking a case all the way to trial, and why achieving settlement is a key component of every litigation process.

Francisco Moran working on his cross-examination


Congrats to both students who knocked it out of the park.

A very special thanks to Hamline School of Law for helping to facilitate another great event for the MSB paralegal program.


Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.