Minnesota School of Business Partners with Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge

Posted by on March 25, 2015

The Comprehensive addiction and treatment recovery service, Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge’s Rochester location, partnered with Minnesota School of Business-Rochester to host one of our mental health technician extern students. Adult and Teen Challenge has been effectively serving teens and adults struggling with alcohol and drug addiction for over 25 years. Their five Minnesota campuses offer Rule 31 treatment programs (from their website): both residential and outpatient, longterm faith-based recovery programs, extensive aftercare programs for graduates, and prevention programs for middle and high school students.

The mental health technician extern student who had the privilege of working with Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge, Sara Benton, found her externship greatly fulfilling.

During an interview, Sara shared that it was fascinating for her to have the opportunity to connect the theories she learned in class to authentic patient circumstances. During the 120 hour externship, Sara was allowed to attend group treatment sessions and one-on-one therapy and assessments. She was also provided with the opportunity to create her own lecture on the topic of addiction, which featured the effects of excessive alcohol and drug use over a five year period.

“I enjoyed doing my externship at Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge. It is a great place for mental health technician externships because they are very insightful and helpful,” Sara said. “I was able to interview counselors regarding why they chose the occupation that they are now in and why they chose to work at Adult and Teen Challenge.”

Minnesota School of Business is so grateful for the opportunity to team up with Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge.

“The opportunity for our students to work with such accomplished professionals is a tremendous benefit for their learning process and the Rochester community at large,” Stephanie O’Malley, mental health technician program chair, said.

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