Tim Lacine: Veteran Teacher Rejoins Minnesota School of Business Faculty

Posted by on March 24, 2015

Last week I had the pleasure of having lunch with some great accounting instructors. One of them was program chair Tim Lacine. Amid chatting about golf, family and what makes accounting so exciting, I was able to get to know him beyond his great credentials and that he drinks his coffee from a Superman mug.

Tim has been an instructor at the Minnesota School of Business since April 2006. Until making the decision to return to school for his law degree in 2011, he taught business and accounting classes full time. While attending law school at the University of St. Thomas, he taught some business and accounting courses at Globe University-Minneapolis.

In December, Minnesota School of Business-Rochester acquired this gem. With Tim’s combination of degrees and certifications (MBA, CPA and JD), he can spread his genuine love for student development in his three areas of passion: business, accounting and law.

In his first quarter back at Rochester, he has already found a devote following of students who want to take his classes. Frequently students would come into my office and declare that they must take a specific accounting or business class with Tim. He articulates his lessons and the real-world aspects of the topics in a way that inspires students to do well, and makes them inclined to request he teach every class they need to complete their degrees. This kind of enthusiasm is only seen from passionate, dedicated instructors with their students’ interests at heart.

When Tim came into meet with campus leadership in November of 2014 to discuss returning to employment at the Rochester campus, administrative assistant and former student Sarah Peterson exclaimed, “Yes! He was the best. Bring him back to teach here again!”

In December 2014, her wish was granted when Tim accepted the dual role of program chair for business and accounting.

“There are few people who would be better for this role. His combined experience in law, accounting and business provides a multifaceted perspective on issues in contemporary business and accounting scenarios,” Charley Martinson, director of career services and previous business program chair, said.

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