Minnesota School of Business-Plymouth Hosts an Unconference

Posted by on March 23, 2015

Minnesota School of Business-Plymouth faculty attended a different kind of campus faculty in-service this quarter. Dean of Education Maria Leonard received a recommendation to do an “unconference” set up for the in-service and Maria jumped on the idea.

“I loved the idea of involving the attendees in deciding what topics would be covered and having the attendees lead the sessions,” Maria said.

An unconference is a conference organized, structured and led by the people attending it. Instead of passive listening, all attendees and organizers are encouraged to become participants, with discussion leaders providing moderation and structure for attendees.

The faculty were engaged and participated in the event with much enthusiasm.

Some of the comments after the in-service included:

“This is the best in-service I have ever attended.”

“The unconference set up was brilliant as it gave me the opportunity to learn about what I wanted rather than things I didn’t need training on.”

“This in-service was fun and informative!”

“I will definitely continue to use this set up for in-services in the future, and we are going to try this set up with our new student orientation as well,” Maria said.

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