Customer Service Class Learns About World-Class Service from Aveda Headquarters

Posted by on March 14, 2015

Business program students at Minnesota School of Business-Blaine recently visited the international headquarters of Aveda Corporation, where they completed research for the applied learning project in their Customer Service Strategies class.

One of the students in the class, Ben Morgan, said he was especially impressed with the level of pride Aveda takes in the products they manufacture and sell, how they strive for all of their customers to be happy with the products they choose to buy, and how Aveda gives back to the local communities that grow the natural ingredients they use in their products.

Customer Service Strategies class at Minnesota School of Business-Blaine

“The on-site customer service we learned about is based on Aveda making sure the customer finds the cosmetic products they need,” Morgan explained, adding that “to maximize effective customer service, the company provides separate customer service lines for retail customers and larger orders placed by their salons.”

The class learned that, beyond the obvious customer service and products Aveda provides to salons and its retail customers across the world, it also gives back to local communities across the globe whose job it is to grow and provide the naturally-grown ingredients that go into its many wellness products.

“Aveda knows that they make high-quality products that come from the production process they fully control; and they use natural ingredients that are both sustainable and have a minimal impact on the environment where they are grown,” Morgan noted.

Working with small villages from far-flung regions of South America, India, Indonesia and elsewhere, Aveda is not only able to produce the high quality products that also have a minimal impact on the areas farmed, but they are also able to help these communities acquire the equipment they need to turn these harvest plants into the oils and minerals needed for their products.

Overall, the class was exposed to a very interesting business that provides world-class customer service, not only to retail customers who call in to their 59-person call center in Blaine, but also at the many salons that provide their environmentally-responsible products and own levels of quality customer service to many consumers worldwide.

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