Machinery Manufacturer Turned Accountant Thanks Minnesota School of Business

Posted by on March 10, 2015

Blake Schaefer, a graduate of the Minnesota School of Business (MSB)-Rochester campus, decided to enroll after a friend recommended the college.

“I was very happy with my choice, and I was able to get a four-year [bachelor’s degree] in accounting in two years,” says Blake. “I don’t think many others schools can do that kind of acceleration.”

Blake also enjoyed how helpful the teachers were and how he was able to work on projects with other students. He says he learned a lot from the program.

“I really liked the small class sizes. The teachers were very knowledgeable, and the location was close to home,” he says. “MSB helped me get my career by teaching me the ins and outs of the accounting and tax field.”

Networking with his classmates led to Blake meeting the owner of Ryan Windows and Siding, which helped jump-start his career.

“They offered me an internship that after two months turned into a full-time job,” he says.

Blake is now the accountant and office manager for the company.

“I do all the bookkeeping, human resources and general office management,” he explains.

Blake didn’t always see himself as an accountant, though, citing his outgoing personality. When he graduated high school, he went to school for machine tool technology and worked in the industry for 10 years. After the economy took a downturn and the job market shrank, he decided to go back to school.

“My grandfather was a tax accountant for 30 years. I always liked math, so I figured I would try it out,” he explains. “It fit me better than I ever could have imagined.”

Visit the Minnesota School of Business accounting program page to learn more.

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