Student Spotlight: Future Massage Therapist … and Meteorologist

Posted by on March 5, 2015

The life of a college student can be busy, and it keeps getting busier for future massage therapist (and meteorologist) Kerri Moran.

Kerri is currently attending Minnesota School of Business-St. Cloud for massage therapy. In addition, Kerri is also attending another college and majoring in meteorology. What makes her tick? What motivates her to do so much? Recently, Kerri provided some insight to these questions and more.

minnesota school of business massage therapy program

Kerri Moran, massage therapy student

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and the program you chose?

I graduated from Henry Sibley High School in 2011 knowing I wanted to go to college but not what for. I attended St. Cloud State University for a year as an undecided major.

During my freshman year, I decided I wanted to become an interior designer and massage therapist. I chose massage therapy because it was always something I had been interested in, it seemed like a great field to join, and I felt that I could excel at it.

After one year of interior design, I decided I didn’t want to pursue that anymore, but I still was really enjoying massage therapy. I then decided to return to St. Cloud State University to study severe weather meteorology. I was excited because this was something I could do while finishing my massage therapy degree. Now I will be graduating in March with my degree in massage therapy.

What was the process like to get started? What were some of the challenges and rewards beginning college at MSB?

The process was an interesting one. Most of the colleges I visited for massage therapy did not like the idea of me going to two different schools. My MSB representative understood my plan for school and showed me how Minnesota School of Business would work with my schedule in order to finish both of my degrees.

The first quarter of school, I was bummed because I was unable to take any hands-on massage classes. I needed to take some general classes first, and the Swedish massage class did not fit in my schedule. It was exciting meeting all the new people in the program, though, and hearing the stories and motivation to go to school.

Once I started hands-on classes, the best part was learning the techniques on each other — it was like getting a massage twice a week. The most challenging was trying to balance the two separate schools and the homework. It definitely took a while to get into a good routine.


What is your college life like now?

College life for me right now is intense. Between both schools, I am currently taking five classes, completing my externship at St. Cloud State University’s Massage Studio and working part time. It is a lot of homework and studying, but I am thoroughly enjoying what I am learning about. The motivation to get me through is that I will be graduating with my Associate of Applied Science Degree in Massage Therapy in March!

What are your goals? How is MSB helping you to get there?

My goals for when I finish my degree is to hopefully get a part-time massage therapist job in St. Cloud. During this time, I will still be finishing my meteorology degree. My final goal is to either work from home or at a studio as a massage therapist while analyzing severe weather when and where it hits. MSB has been helping me by always working with my complicated schedule. The teachers have been fantastic and friendly, making school more fun. If it wasn’t fun, I would have stopped going and never achieved my goals.

What are your top three tips for new college students?

1: Don’t worry about not knowing what you want to do or changing your mind. It’s better to find something you love rather than stick with something you hate.

2: College is a lot harder than high school — it will take more work, but you will be learning much more.

3: It will be completely worth it. It may feel like it’s taking forever to finish, but in the end you will feel satisfaction beyond belief. You will be happy you stuck with it.


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