Vet Tech Student’s Adoption ‘Tail’: Classroom Visit Leads to Forever Home

Posted by on February 25, 2015

From time to time, furry four-legged creatures arrive at Minnesota School of Business-St. Cloud. Sometimes their visits are short, sometimes they are long, but one thing they have in common is that they all come from the local animal shelters. Their visits allow students in the veterinary technology program to get hands-on experience with some of the basic animal care skills that they will use in their career. For example, some animals come in for dental cleaning, vaccinations, or de-worming treatment.

Oftentimes these lovable creatures (usually felines and canines) are on the market for a good home. Students and staff are quick to fall in love with these animals. Jenna Mousky, veterinary technology student, wasn’t looking for a new cat, but one was looking for her. This is her ‘tail.’

“I had the pleasure to adopt a kitten named Runtzy from Central Minnesota Animal Care and Control (CMACC). The first time I met Runtzy, he was riding around in my classmate’s scrub pocket. He was not even a half a pound at eight weeks of age and barely made a dent in her pocket. I actually didn’t want another cat, but that changed when he chose me. Runtzy constantly wanted me to hold him or let him sit on my shoulder when we were in the animal room. It got to a point where all of the veterinary staff started calling me his ‘mommy.’ He wore me down though and stole my heart with his little body and those alien looking eyes.

Runtzy is now Otto, and is a very healthy, long legged, 7-month-old boy. He is still tiny for his age, but his heart makes up for it. He always has to be in or partially on mommy’s lap and has to sleep on my stomach every night. He is still my shoulder cat and tries to sit in my sweatshirt hood. I always catch him sleeping with his front paws crossed, like he’s trying to be a gentleman while he sleeps. My absolute favorite quirk is that Otto likes to chase his tail all the time.

I am very thankful that Otto chose me as his mommy and that he is a part of my life. My little boy is one of my best friends and he always knows how to make me smile.”

From clinical procedures to rescuing shelter animals, our vet tech students make a difference with each furry friend they encounter.


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