What Students Love about Minnesota School of Business-Richfield

Posted by on February 13, 2015

Angie Aberle

Valentine’s Day takes on a different meaning depending on where you are at in life. If you have small kids at home, you are likely scouring Pinterest for the most creative treats to send with your kids to daycare or school, and you were up late making heart-shaped crayons and assembling your kids’ valentines. You might be planning a surprise for your special someone, or maybe you made your Open Table reservation weeks ago and are looking forward to a romantic evening out. Perhaps you’re flying solo and have plans for a fun night with friends.

If you are a student at Minnesota School of Business (MSB)-Richfield, the above scenarios might apply in addition to a busy academic schedule. As some of our current and former students were busy preparing for their Valentine’s Day festivities, they took a moment to share what they love about MSB-Richfield.

Rachel Swartz

Business student Angie Aberle said, “I love the smaller class sizes and being able to speak with my professors without trouble. The professors are knowledgeable and take an interest in students succeeding. I appreciate how much each professor and every person that works at MSB seems to really care about the students and want to make our days better!”

Business management student Rachel Swartz said, “I love how MSB has helped me grow. I am not able to sit comfortably in the background and observe. To be successful, I must constantly go out of my comfort zone and experience new things. I am able to create my best work while simultaneously creating my best self.”

Anugrah Surachmat Manzke

Recent business administration graduate Anugrah Surachmat Manzke also mentioned how much she loves the faculty at MSB. “The biggest reason why I loved going to school there is the intimate classroom experiences and the attention you get from the faculty.” She talked about how nice it is to be able to build long-lasting connections and relationships, as well as accessibility of staff and faculty. “It is so personalized. You not only gain knowledge but also friendships and professional connections. They follow through with what they promise to do. Even after you graduate, they are providing you with resources to stay connected.”

The MSB staff and faculty certainly love our students as well! In fact, we are busy planning a spring break-themed student appreciation event on March 6, complete with pulled pork sandwiches, chocolate fountain and some stellar prizes.


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