Military Student Appreciates Career-Focused Environment at Minnesota School of Business

Posted by on February 10, 2015

Taylor Smith is working toward her Associate of Applied Science degree in business administration at the Minnesota School of Business (MSB)-Richfield campus. She also works part time as an administrative assistant, but the combination of iPad® technology and the support from her campus helps her stay on the path to success.

“At MSB I really feel that I am valued and that I have a great support system,” Taylor explains. “There is someone to help you every step of the way. Not only that, but each of those people are extremely knowledgeable and engaging.”

Taylor says she is more confident because of her caring instructors and peers, and her experience has helped in every aspect of her career.

“MSB does a great job of relating our education to our real-life scenarios and giving us the tools to succeed,” Taylor says. “I like that my classes involve a great deal of critical thinking and real-life examples. I have done projects … that have aided in my success in the real world.”

One of the things Taylor says she likes best about her program is the diverse group of students who have a contagious drive to learn and be better. Her instructors have also been a source of inspiration.

“The business program here is top-notch. The faculty is personable and understanding with their students,” says Taylor. “[The instructors] want their students engaged and involved in every way possible. They truly care about my success.”

Taylor says she is passionate about being passionate. She knows she wants to be great at something and really impress people. Her experience in the U.S. Army and helping others has made her realize what is important in life.

“It woke me up and made me realize that the world is so much more than our daily stresses. It’s who we decide to surround ourselves with and how we decide to react to the things that happen to us,” Taylor says of her military experience. “I couldn’t imagine a better support system than I have at home, in my environment and on campus.”

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