It Pays to Volunteer: Vet Tech Students Wins Scholarship

Posted by on February 3, 2015

It pays to volunteer. Just ask Megan Goldman, a vet tech student at Minnesota School of Business-Plymouth (MSB). Megan Goldman is one of the MSB-Plymouth Fall 2014 Community Service Scholarship recipients. Megan is in her third quarter as a veterinary technology student. She has been going to school full time, works two jobs, and volunteers about six hours per week. She has created a balance among all of these activities, and still comes to class with a great attitude and a passion to learn about animals.

Surprising Megan in class!

Megan volunteers as an adult interpreter volunteer at the Minnesota Zoo. Through this position, she gets to answer questions about the zoo, give directions and guidance to maximize safety, and educates the public about the animals. She is passionate about teaching the next generation the importance of conservation.

Megan said that her weekly Saturday trainings in September became a highlight of her week. From her essay: “In everything I do at the zoo, every fact I share, every animal encounter I’m involved in, and every question I answer, my purpose is to find a way to tie in small pieces of conservation in the support of education.”

The Community Service Scholarship is a great opportunity to get paid for giving back to your community. MSB gets an opportunity to reward students who not only make school a priority in their lives but make giving back a priority too. The scholarship is $2,000 that helps pay for a portion of your schooling cost. You get to give back to your community, put the experience on your resume, potentially get a scholarship for doing so, and feel good about what you did.

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