MSB-Richfield Nursing Students Share Advice for Incoming Class

Posted by on December 16, 2014

Twice a year, we here at Minnesota School of Business-Richfield (MSB) say goodbye to a seasoned graduating class of nursing students. Soon thereafter, we welcome a fresh-faced incoming class of nursing students.

nursing program

Fall 2014 graduating nursing class

We asked a group of nursing students set to graduate this week if they had any advice for the newbies who will be beginning the nursing program this winter. Here’s what they had to say.

Megan Hartley got straight to the point: “Focus on pharmacology.”

Speaking of pharmacology, Nicole Peterson said, “Find out what kind of study habits work for you in the beginning of your program. I’m a visual person so I made posters. I did that a lot for pharmacology.”

“Know what you’re doing and why – make sure it is evidence based,” said Josie Saunier.

Ashley Whipps said, “If you are unsure about something, research it. Practice your learned skills throughout the program. Use them in clinical because you will have to test out those skill before you graduate. All of your work is being evaluated”

“Study in groups. It allows you to collaborate and find people you can learn with,” stated Mariana Silverfield.

Olukemi Adeniyi-Akins added, “Studying in groups makes learning fun! Studying with people you know reinforces what you know and helps you find out what you don’t know.”

“Cite everything and don’t sweat the small stuff,” said Casey Lebens.

Cayla Quist advised, “Start your papers early!” She also said that while it can be difficult with school and work, “If you have time, get involved in school activities.”

When not in school, Ashley Whipps recommends that students make time for exercise. She added, “Try and be positive.”

Sarah Anderson followed that up with: “Have a hobby and not just school. Hang out with your friends doing mindless activities.”

Josie Saunier said, “Congratulate yourself; go out to eat. And keep things off Facebook!”

Finally, Nursing Program Chair Kendra Saal kept it simple: “Be professional.”

Sage advice for anyone!

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