B-I-N-G-AH-CHOO! It’s Flu Season

Posted by on December 16, 2014

Medical assistant students from Minnesota School of Business-St. Cloud recently visited the Country Manor Senior Apartments in Sartell, Minnesota. As part of a service learning project, their instructor and medical assistant program chair, Lisa Smith, had the students create a brochure with helpful tips for this upcoming flu season. They also played bingo with the residents and after each “bingo,” they would recite a helpful fact. Prizes included hand sanitizer, lotion, Kleenex and Lysol. A grand prize basket was filled with large amount of health supplies.

During flu season, which goes through the end of spring, the senior community tends to be more susceptible. “Our class decided that we wanted to play bingo with some elderly patients, and educate them on how to stay healthy,” said Jade Hollencamp, medical assistant student.

While one student was the bingo emcee, others handed out cookies and brochures. The remaining students helped players fill out their cards. In total, about 30 residents participated in the holiday/flu information bingo, which ended up being their biggest turnout of the year.

At the end, a drawing was held for the grand prize and the winner walked away with the basket of supplies. In truth, they all ended as winners. They all became more informed about staying healthy and using proper sanitizing techniques.

“The things I learned from this experience were patient interaction skills, proper public speaking skills, and minor housekeeping skills. I also learned that teamwork can be enough to help you in an unfamiliar setting,” said Chris Bostick, medical assistant student.

Final advice from the students:

If you have the flu:

  • Get plenty of rest
  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Avoid contact with other people

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