Adoption ‘Tails’ at Minnesota School of Business-St. Cloud

Posted by on December 10, 2014

Many animals from area shelters pass through Minnesota School of Business-St. Cloud. They get treated and checked over by our wonderful veterinary technology staff and students.

On occasion, a visit becomes memorable and a bond will grow. Students or staff become attached to the animal they’re treating.

Recently, Brandon Bombeck, admissions representative, was told about a wonderful dog that was sitting in a kennel. Maddie was originally from Arkansas and made her way to Minnesota to find a new home. This is their story.

Which animal shelter did you adopt your pet from?

Homeward Bound.

Describe the first time you met your pet.

I was walking through the hallways at MSB and an instructor stopped me to show me Maddie. I was very reluctant at first. But as soon as she told me (the dog) was full-grown and a sheltie mix, I then started taking some pictures to send to my wife, who met her the following day.

What made this particular pet “the one”?

She was SO lovable and sociable. She had a great personality. 

Why was adopting a shelter pet important to you?

Knowing we had the opportunity to make our family bigger and help an amazing dog and bring her in to our home to give her the life she has always deserved.

Please give an update on your pet. Their new name, personality quirks, favorite game or toy, funny story, etc.

Her new name is Maddie. She is so energetic now that she has acclimated to her new home. 

She gets so excited about every little thing happening around her. She loves being spoiled! Her favorite toy is probably her tennis ball. 

She has figured out how to move/throw it around herself to keep herself occupied. She is completely amazing and my wife and I could not ask for a better dog!

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.