A Woman of the Year Joins MSB-Richfield

Posted by on November 21, 2014

Minnesota School of Business-Richfield (MSB) is thrilled to welcome our new Dean of Faculty, Miriam Williams! Miriam has been with Globe Education Network for five years and brings over 20 years of educational experience to our campus.

Miriam Williams

Miriam was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. She attended college at Bay Path University in Massachusetts. That is where she discovered her love of learning and even worked as an admissions officer there.

Miriam says that her passion for education was inevitable. She says, “This is the most likely career for me. My father was a pastor and my mother was a social worker – both were highly educated and they instilled in me that you can do anything if you are educated. No one can take that education away from you. I went into education because I wanted everyone to have that opportunity.”

Miriam went on to attain a master’s degree in higher education and student personnel administration from Kent State University in Ohio. There, she held positions helping high school students enroll in college and assisting adults and K-12 students pursuing their GED.

Miriam’s next move was to Seattle. It was in Seattle that she had a fortuitous meeting with a gentleman who would go on to become the campus director at our sister school, Broadview University, in Utah. When he was looking for a talented dean of faculty for his campus, he reached out to Miriam with a job offer. Miriam accepted and moved to Utah with her husband.

Sometime later, headquarters came knocking at Miriam’s door. She accepted a position as project director for faculty development and applied learning at our Woodbury office (a role which, she continues to fill even as she takes on dean of faculty duties). In the project director role, Miriam provides training to all residential and online instructors and oversees the quality of our applied learning initiatives.

Miriam believes that applied learning activities are critical to MSB’s unique approach to education. “I think they give students the opportunity to use critical thinking and soft skills in the classroom and community before they step into their first interview or job,” she says.

When MSB-Richfield had a vacancy for the dean of faculty position, we could think of no better candidate than Miriam. Thankfully, Miriam accepted the additional responsibilities and has found a way to gracefully balance both roles.

“I love everything about MSB-Richfield – my colleagues and the students. The students are so passionate about being successful. In this environment, you have no chance but to succeed,” she states.    

As dean of faculty at MSB-Richfield, Miriam is tasked with supporting our amazing instructors. She says, “I love working with educators. There are so many good ideas here. The field can tend to stagnate, but I get to work with other educators who are professionals in their fields. They are working to produce the next well-prepared generation.”

Finally, Miriam doesn’t like to toot her own horn, but we will! Miriam was recently named Woman of the Year (2014-2015) by the National Association of Professional Women in the field of higher education! She’s still waiting for her plaque and her telephone call from Star Jones, but we couldn’t be prouder of our new dean!  

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