Health Fitness Specialist Graduate Shares Success Story

Posted by on November 14, 2014

Kurt Hartmann, health fitness specialist graduate

Written by Joeleen Kielkucki, health fitness specialist student

Kurt Hartman, a 2009 graduate of the Minnesota School of Business-Plymouth (MSB) health fitness specialist program, is the owner of Pro Fitness Training in Eden Prairie, Minn. Pro Fitness Training is a growing gym offering group and personal training with emphasis on circuit-style strength training using Russian kettlebells, martial arts and body weighted exercises. Kurt’s passion as a health fitness specialist and martial arts instructor lead him down the path of successful small business ownership as a local industry leader.

Tell me about your experience as a student at MSB.

I loved the hands-on learning as a student. The access to instructors with real-word experience in the industry was very helpful to me. I was previously enrolled at another college in an accounting program and knew it was not for me. My passion for the human body and martial arts lead me to the health fitness specialist program at MSB. I needed to be actively engaged in my education.

What other courses did you find helpful to your success as a business owner?

Introduction to Business and Small Business Management were crucial to understanding how to start my business.

How did your externship experience encourage your learning and path to opening Pro Fitness Training?

I did my externship with Kinetic Edge Fitness and the owner, Brad, was a mentor for me. He offered real-world experience and advice.

What is your favorite part of training?

I really enjoy seeing the clients making progress towards their goals. I get excited when they are having fun and accomplishing things they never knew they could.

What trends are you seeing in the health and fitness industry?

I see a continuing trend in alternatives to the “big box” gyms; smaller gyms that offer a more customized experience. Training individual bodies based on movement, not fads and knowledge of nutrition will continue to be important.

What are the future plans for Pro Fitness?

Ideally I would like to move to a larger facility to accommodate growth and additional professionals and trainers.

What advice can you give to current health fitness specialist students?

The fitness aspect of training is the easy part; business and marketing are the hard part. Training is not about you, it’s about the client and their experience.

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.