Get a Massage at the Lakeville Campus

Posted by on November 11, 2014

STUDENTS! Did you know there are free massages available to you here at the Minnesota School of BusinessLakeville campus? Maybe you’ve seen our relaxed-looking clients drifting out of the massage lab, or maybe you’ve noticed the flyers around campus. And, if you have never had a massage before, our massage clinic is a great place to try one. It’s safe, relaxing and free!

MSB-Lakeville’s massage room

As a key part of the curriculum for the massage therapy diploma or associate degree programs, all massage therapy students are required to complete a specific number of practice hours in order to earn their degree.

Massage therapy students study the theory, anatomy, physiology and techniques of a specific “modality” (a type of massage technique) for the first seven or eight weeks of the quarter.

They then they continue to practice on real clients as if they were working professionally. Depending on what is offered each quarter quarter, there can be classes such as Swedish massage, deep tissue, hot stone, Thai, or myofascial release.

Current student Richard Hanson said, “Having the opportunity to participate in clinic was a very important experience due to the fact that it adapts us to the real world. Without it, I wouldn’t have thought I would have been a great massage therapist, nor would I have had the ambition to start in my field early.”

He continued, “Picture this, you have the tools but no experience and are thrown in the lion’s den. Without any experience in your trade, you’re just as useless as not having your tools, in my opinion. Best idea ever.”

Comments from current clients include that they would have paid full price for their student massage, that our students give better massages than 80 percent of the professional massages they have had, and that hot stone and deep tissue are their favorites.

So sacrifice yourself for the benefit of the massage therapy students and get a great massage in the process! Either call or visit the front desk to schedule your massage. There are still appointments available for December 8 and December 15. Appointments are between 9 and 11:30 a.m. Winter quarter schedule will be available in late February, 2015.

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.