What’s in the MSB-Lakeville Library Anyway?

Posted by on November 7, 2014

The Minnesota School of Business-Lakeville (MSB) library has more than just books! In addition to a collection that is tailored to meet the needs of students in MSB programs, the library has print materials such as magazines and newspapers. The library is also the gateway to several online materials, including research guides for each program, articles from all types of journals and more e-books than one person could read in a lifetime.

Madeline Rudawski

Students can receive assistance with research, paper writing, APA citations and much more by visiting the library or using the “chat with a librarian” function on the library website.The librarian will help students find helpful resources, troubleshoot an iPad issue, download and install apps and review student papers for errors and APA-approved formatting.

“Helping students is my number one priority,” Maddie Rudawski, librarian at MSB-Lakeville, said. “Whether it’s help with the printer, an iPad question, or a research query, finding an answer that works for the student and meets their educational needs is my goal.”

Get to know Maddie:

Educational background: Graduated from Hamline University with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Studies and Secondary Education and also earned a Master of Library and Information Science from St. Catherine University.

Best part of working at MSB: Getting to know and work with the students!

Fun facts: I never leave the house without at least one book. I like to “subversive cross-stitch.” I’m obsessed with pop culture.

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.