Lakeville Welcomes Faribault Students for Business and Pizza

Posted by on October 23, 2014

Students from Faribault Alternative Learning Center visited the Minnesota School of Business (MSB)-Lakeville campus to enjoy a Business Preview Day. The event featured a variety of staff and faculty sharing different aspects of the business world.

The students were broken into two groups, each attending four different sessions. Sessions were led by instructors Niels Andersen and Paul Cero as well as our accounting program chair, Todd Phillips, and director of career services, Amber Conrade.

The business session was led by Niels and used an activity to demonstrate how supply and demand work for different businesses. Students were given an envelope with an undisclosed amount of money they could use in a silent auction. The items that were being auctioned were an iPhone 6, a sidekick and a flip phone.

Niels Leading Session

Accounting Session With Todd

Todd’s session featured a skit using two students, one pretending to be an accountant and the other a business professional of their choice. The skit featured the accountant not keeping track of funds invested by the professional and then using the money to buy personal belongings. Todd went on to explain that the world needs accounting professionals exactly to prevent this type of behavior. He presented different accounting positions with their salaries and how accountants make sense of things non-accounting professionals have difficulties with.

Communication is an important aspect in any business and key to a successful organization. Employees must know how to communicate with one another and businesses must know how to communicate with their customers  Paul led a session discussing the importance of communication in the workplace as well as how to effectively communicate. 

Paul's Communication Session

Digital dirt was the presentation done by Amber. She discussed how to uncover what digital dirt is on your social media channels as well as how to effectively use social media to find jobs. With the rise in people using these channels, employers are making the most of it to reach, screen and find potential employees. Students were shown how to quickly remove unwanted items from their Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as what a professional LinkedIn profile looks like.

Following the presentations the guests joined participating staff and faculty for pizza. Students expressed their gratitude and shared what a great learning experience they had. If you are interested in information on preview days please contact Jennifer Pulling, director of admissions at

Faribault ALC Enjoying Pizza

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.