MSB-Online Announces Community Service Scholarship Winners

Posted by on October 16, 2014

Each quarter, Minnesota School of Business-Online opens up a scholarship opportunity for two of our students. In order to earn the scholarship, students must be active volunteers in their communities. Once a student has completed a volunteer project, they can then submit their application and short essay for a chance to earn $2,000 in tuition assistance.

As an organization, we believe that volunteering in your community is essential for both personal and professional development. Not only do you have the chance to give back to the community through charitable giving, but you also open yourself up to meeting other figures in the community, which can help build your professional network.

Let’s meet the two most recent recipients of this wonderful opportunity:

Amy Eisenberg- B.S. Paralegal

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Our first recipient, Amy Esienberg, is currently enrolled in our paralegal degree program and is seeking her Bachelor of Science degree. Amy says one of the most important things to her is setting a good example for her children, which includes giving back to your community. In order to get her kids excited about helping out, she helps them pick up presents for children in need during the holiday season.

In addition to her volunteerism over the holidays, Amy also works with her local chapter of the Red Cross. Her work here is a bit more labor intensive, but Amy says it was worth it. In conjunction with the Red Cross, Amy helped set up a campaign designed to help community members know what to do in the case of an emergency. Amy goes on to say, “This event hopefully helped families in my community prepare for emergencies through the promotion of the three-step Red Cross plan. My responsibility for the campaign was to meet with the general manager of Wal-Mart and compile a list of items for people to have in their homes.”

Nathanael Opperud- B.S. Business Management

The second recipient of our community service scholarship is Nathanael Opperud. Nathanael is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in business management and recently spent some time with a group of very special kids at the ball park.

Nathanael says his urge to volunteer began at a young age when his parents encouraged him to give back to their community, despite not having much of their own. This left a lasting mark on the young boy, who continued to volunteer into adulthood. As often happens in adulthood, life got in the way and Nathanael found himself itching to get back to his roots. So, he took matters into his own hands and developed a fun day at the ball park for some local kids with varying levels of disabilities.

Nathanael organized the day by assigning each child to a volunteer that would help the young athlete live out their dreams of playing a game of baseball. The athletes were able to pitch, catch, and cheer on their peers throughout the day. As Nathanael reflects on the day he says, “I had the opportunity to present this organization with a check from out company, and the parents were shocked. Tears ran down people’s cheeks as they were overwhelmed by the generosity.”


Congratulations once again to both of our scholarship winners, and thank you for giving back in your communities!

If you’re interested in learning more about how to apply for the next round of community service scholarships, please contact me, Serena, directly.

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.