MSB-Blaine Students Attend Accounting and Auditing Conference

Posted by on October 10, 2014

Minnesota School of Business-Blaine Accounting Program Chair Catherine Rice, along with Jolyn Hanna, accounting program student, David Privratsky, forensic accounting program student, and Thomas Kenney, accounting program chair at Globe University-Woodbury, attended the 17th annual Accounting and Auditing Conference at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Jolyn Hanna, accounting program student and David Privratsky, forensic accounting program student

“This was my second time going to this conference. It was amazing how many exhibitors were interested in connecting with me after I graduate to talk with me about a potential career. I connected really well with one of the exhibitors and the very next morning, they connected with me on LinkedIn. Having your LinkedIn set up prior to the conference is a must if you plan on going,” said Jolyn Hanna. “It is such a great networking opportunity and meeting potential employers face to face is so much better than only providing your resume, submitted through their career site. I was glad I was well prepared for the conference because I had earned an on-the-spot interview with BDO after talking with them for only five to ten minutes. I strongly encourage accounting students to attend at least once.”

The Accounting and Auditing Conference is a good fit for students interested in careers related to the accounting field, such as managerial accounting, tax, audit, finance and forensic accounting. Getting involved in professional associations and professional networking before graduating college gives you an advantage when it comes time for your internship and job searching endeavors.

“I think this conference is valuable for accounting students especially because the breakout sessions bring recent graduates back with their own real-world experiences for what accounting jobs are really like. Exhibitors are not only potential employers, but professional associations and certification exam prep vendors, too,” said Catherine Rice.


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