Minnesota School of Business Faculty Member Offers Online Education Expertise in New Book

Posted by on October 9, 2014

It all began when Minnesota School of Business-Online faculty member Mark Lawler joined a Facebook group with other industry leaders to exchange ideas, teaching practices and to simply help each other out professionally. The group, comprised of online instructors from all over the country in the areas of political science, business, technology and more, decided to write a book so that they could share their ideas with a larger audience.

On October 9, 2014, Lawler and 11 of his colleagues released “Modern Instructor: Success Strategies for the Online Professor,” which provides steps that online instructors should consider taking to improve classroom management and maximize their teaching potential.

“It’s an honor to contribute to this project,” says Lawler. “My co-authors are very experienced professionals, and our hope is that this will provide a nice little guide for those looking to revamp their online teaching or get started and find success.”

Lawler currently teaches environmental issues for Minnesota School of Business’ online division, as well as various other geology-related courses at seven other institutions, most of which are also online. He and his co-authors collaborated to offer perspective on topics instructors may not have previously considered.

The book explores topics that are important to both new online instructors and experienced teachers, such ascreating a work-at-home pace, developing social presence in the online classroom, how the online classroom has changed recently, suggestions on grading and feedback, and advanced online teaching techniques, such as mentorship and storytelling.

“Modern Instructor: Success Strategies for the Online Professor” is available for purchase on Amazon.com.

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