Vet Tech Student Uses Welding Skills to Create DNA Model

Posted by on September 30, 2014

What do candy and DNA have in common? Minnesota School of Business-Lakeville students frequently use candy in biology class to creatively model DNA. One student, however, decided to go above and beyond with creativity and welded his DNA model out of metal.

DNA Model

The study of biology is the study of all things living. In order to understand differences among living things, scientists delve into the DNA of each organism. DNA stores all of the hereditary information for an organism. That is why it is said to hold the secret of life. In biology class, students study DNA and its structure.

In the MSB-Lakeville biology class, students structure a model of DNA. The students are always given the assignment of using their creativity to design their own model.

Peter Billings, a student at the Lakeville campus studying veterinary technology, decided that instead of using candy he would use his background as a welder to create a work of art that anyone would proudly display. “I wanted to do something unique. I work with metal and thought I should use that. I wanted to do something no one else had done. I had a lot of fun making it,” said Peter.

Peter Billings with DNA model

Denise Myster, the instructor for this biology class said, “It was the best one I had seen in five years of teaching at Minnesota School of Business.”

When Denise showed it to a colleague from another school, she quickly asked if Peter could make her one. Denise, “couldn’t believe how awesome it had turned out.”

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