Meet MSB-Richfield’s ProCommPress

Posted by on September 26, 2014

Written by the Professional Communications I class

To give students at Minnesota School of Business-Richfield (MSB) a voice and to partner with Maija Jaaska, MSB community manager, to write a blog as part of their applied learning project, Carol Jaeger’s Professional Communications I class created the ProCommPress. Team leader, David Unruh, exercised his sunny yellow lead enthusiasm, resulting in wickedly cool press badges.

ProCommPress Team

Meet our reporters:

Leila Ali, journalist

Andrew Bengtson, beat writer

Raymond LaBarre, news hound

Charles Tyree, leg man

David Unruh, ink slinger

Aaron Zaffke, photographer

Carol Jaeger, editor-in-chief

Our team of reporters collected data through face-to-face interviews that revealed the insightful student perspective.

Chase Erickson, game and application development student, when asked, “What surprised you most about your first day at the Richfield campus?” responded, “I was surprised at how laid back and welcoming it is. I thought college would be intimidating. I did generals in community college, and I always felt if I were going for a degree, it would be stressful and off-putting, but the staff and other students at MSB were really welcoming. The best thing, though, was when I took my tour, everyone remembered my name. I met [MSB Campus Director] Stacy Severson in passing; she’s basically the ‘queen bee’ here. Then, when I ran into her two weeks later, she said, ‘Hey, Chase, how’s it going?’ which I thought was really cool. I remember thinking, ‘How do you remember me?’”

Student Treigh Sutton chose MSB’s nursing program for its fast-paced curriculum, and its personable, cool faculty. Mandy Rey, another student in the nursing program, states, “Going to clinicals is my favorite experience to date.”

Many of the students interviewed enjoyed the smaller class sizes, accelerated pace and personal attention from instructors, as well as meaningful discussions in class, all of which they believe cannot be attained from other larger educational institutions.

Student consensus, when asked about the iPad, revealed that it eliminates the stress of carrying multiple textbooks, along with simplifying assignments through the use of educational apps.

ProCommPress official badge

When asked about the Insights Discovery personality profile, Thomas (Ty) Bunnell, a student in the information technology program, said, “I lead with fiery red, but truly I’m a cool blue at heart. Insights made me realize that I’m a very serious person and need to enjoy the small things.” When asked if Insights helped him to avoid conflicts in the classroom, Ty said, “Yes, because it helps me not to stand in the way of other people’s opinions.”

Natalie Alexander, a veterinary technology student from the MSB-Plymouth campus, leads with earth green. She stated, “Green helps to understand your teachers and helps with group work.”

When asked why you would recommend your program and MSB to prospective students, Angie Aberle, who is in the business administration program, said, “Real-life application of what you learn right off the bat prepares you for work life.”

Student Chase Erickson said, “If I were to recommend MSB to anyone, it would have to be for the program I chose.” The team felt this testimonial speaks for itself.

When asked, “What do you tell your friends and family about what makes MSB different and unique,” student Natalie Alexander summed it up by saying, “It’s a very encouraging community of people.” The ProCommPress team was quick to endorse Natalie’s statement.

We thank all those involved for their time and thoughtful comments. It was a privilege to give a voice to the student body and to partner with our very own MSB blog expert, Maija Jaaska.


Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.