Medical Assistant Program Chair Attends Walk for Wishes Event

Posted by on September 26, 2014

Tracey Stoeckel and her MSB-BC crew

Tracey Stoeckel, medical assistant and medical administrative assistant program chair at Minnesota School of Business-Brooklyn Center, recently attended the Walk for Wishes event through the Minnesota Make-A-Wish Foundation. She shared with us her experience.

Tell us a little about the Walk for Wishes event.

The Walk for Wishes event took place at Normandale Lake Park in Bloomington. The goal of the event was to raise $115,000 while continuing to celebrate past “Wish” children and their families. At the event, participants could choose to run a 5K for a $30 fee or walk two miles for no fee. The event was a success, although sadly, they fell short of their fundraising goal with just short of $63,000 donated.

You are very passionate about the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Can you share with our readers where this passion came from?

I am always passionate about children’s charities and especially those that provide hope for families who have a child suffering from a severe illness. That is what Make-A-Wish does; they provide hope, strength and joy for families who need something to look forward to. By granting a wish for a child, they give that child another reason to keep fighting their battle. It’s pretty awesome when you think about how simple the concept really is.

I have a friend whose daughter contracted West Nile Virus when she was three year’s old. She now suffers from daily seizures and has severe brain trauma as a result of the disease. Make-A-Wish gave their family a pool so that Rachael can swim and keep her muscle tone up as she is no longer able to walk. That pool means everything to her family and some of their happiest moments are with Rachael in the pool.

Do you have a favorite story of Make-A-Wish Foundation helping out a child?

I love all of the stories; they are so touching. Being a part of Kennady’s story at the Walk for Wishes this year was so much fun. She wished to meet Elsa from Frozen, and not only did all of the Disney Princesses come to meet her at the walk, but they invited her and her family to join them at Magic Kingdom sometime this year.

My favorite story, though, would probably have to be Batkid’s. Little Miles was able to fight crime with Batman for a day when San Francisco transformed into Gotham City by the power of hundreds of volunteers. Those type of stories demonstrate the size of the human spirit and always get to me. I like all of the stories that end with the Wish kid recovering the best of all.

Will you help Make-A-Wish Foundation in the future?

I think I am hooked on Make-A-Wish and most likely will participate in this event annually. Next year I hope to have my children with me for the walk, as I think there is a lesson to be learned about how lucky we are to be healthy. We take so much for granted, but these kids don’t have that luxury. It’s very empowering to be involved in helping them realize their biggest wish.”

Thank you to Tracey for attending the walk and for bringing some of her medical assistant students as well!


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